I offer website development as well as website hosting and email hosting. Contact me if you need to build a website, or if you just need a web host or an email host.

My websites are designed to work well on any device.

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Some of the website development I do is based upon the WordPress framework. I am able to extensively customize the WordPress environment to meet your needs.

Other website development I do involves writing the website "by hand". Choosing to build a website by hand means that you end up with a lean, fast website that is not really vulerable to most malware attacks. This website you are looking at right now is an example of how I build a website by hand. For smaller website development jobs, this is often a good, and inexpensive, way to go.

I'm based in Calgary AB, but I also have clients in several other areas including Yellowknife NT, Lethbridge AB, and Waldheim SK.

Here are a few of the websites I have built:



This is one of my best websites. This is a good example of how I can build a large website using the WordPress fromework. You will find some advanced features on this website, including extensive JavaScript programming. To see these features, check out the Ear Trainer, or the video player, or the song player.

Art Store


This is another one of my top websites. This one is a full-featured e-commerce website. It was developed using the WordPress platform. This is the perfect platform with which to create an e-commerce website.

Collie Breeder

Whiskeyjack Collies

This is another full-featured website development example. Like most WordPress websites, this website is updatable by the client.

Collie Breeder

Charvell Collies

The client preferred me to build a website by hand for her, so this one is a good example of how I build a hand-coded website.

Collie Breeder

Uneeda Collies

This used to be one of my top websites. This website is the largest website I have ever coded "by hand". It is not be active anymore, but I keep it around because it is a good example of the website development I can do.